Jake Groenhof (b. 1953) Chicago, IL

Print maker/Photographer

My interest in photography began in the early 1960s with the family’s Kodak Brownie camera. Then came a span of time where job and raising a family took precedence over artistic expression. I returned to photography two decades later where I often shot using my favorite film, Kodachrome 25, and experimented with aerial photography using a kite and radio-controlled cameras. As the days of film were giving way to the digital age, I embraced the new technology with my first non-film, four-megapixel camera in 2002.

As a young teen I received a Superior “Cub” printing press for Christmas. That started me on a lifelong interest in ink-on-paper and led to my running an ad-specialty printing business. Using pad-transfer and dye sublimation processes I printed text and graphics on innumerable objects from golf balls to electric razors for major corporations. More recently, I have acquired a large-format pigment printer where I print both my own work plus open and limited edition prints for local artists.

During the past few years I have found an interest in 19th-Century photographic printmaking processes. This allows me to combine my passions for photography and printmaking. My focus is on learning the historical processes of platinum/palladium, cyanotype, carbon transfer, and photogravure as a means of satisfying a personal need for a more hands-on approach to my art.

I maintain a private studio in the town of Golden, Colorado.


Select Exhibitions:

Center for Fine Art Photography, Alternative Processes, Fort Collins, CO, October, 2014

Gallery NRC, Annual Exhibit, Denver, CO, December, 2012

Flash Gallery, Member’s Exhibit, Denver, CO, September, 2010

Gallery NRC, Represented Artists and Community show, Denver, CO, January, 2010

Gallery NRC, Annual Exhibit, Denver, CO, December, 2009

Flash Gallery, Wee Small Works, Lakewood, CO, December, 2009



Anthotypes, Selected works, author: Malin Fabbri, 2012



Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA

AlternativePhotography.com supporting member

Center for Fine Art Photography, Ft. Collins, CO

Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Lakewood, CO



website: http://FallRiverEditions.com

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