March, 2017: Two gumprints have been juried into SYNC Gallery exhibit: “Remix.” Denver, Colorado. Exhibit runs through Mid April.

Summer, 2016: In what little spare time I’ve had this summer to dedicate to the darkroom, I have researched and begun working on yet another process called “Gumoil.” The resulting prints are essentially photographic oil paintings on paper. Here are some examples of the first gumoil prints.

March, 2016: Spent most of a week at the home of Bostick and Sullivan. During that time I assisted Dick Sullivan in experimenting with the Rawlins Oil-Pigment process and various emulsion coating techniques. See my oil printing blog.

October 8,  2015: New online gallery is live on

October 3, 2014: Opening night artist reception. Here is a short video.

July, 2014: A platinum-on-gampi print has been juried into the upcoming Alternative Processes exhibit coming up in October. Opening night and artist reception is October 3 at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado.

April-June 2014: Lots of testing and calibrations as I refine my technique for printing in platinum/palladium on a new paper. It is a 17gram Japanese tissue called Sekishu Torinoko Gampi. It requires very careful and specialized handling during coating and developing.

July, 2013: New darkroom is almost finished. Ten-foot sink and new UV exposure unit.

December, 2012: My cyanotypes are showing at Gallery NRC in Denver this month along with other local photographers. This past Friday was the artist reception.

September, 2012: I will be exhibiting cyanotype prints in December, 2012 at Gallery NRC in Denver.

March, 2012: Malin Fabbri sent me a copy of her new book, Anthotypes, which includes several of my prints!

January, 2012: New sales website is coming along on